Mingemco Trading Consulting and Engineering

Consulting and Engineering

Solar Energy

Consultancy, Project Design and Implementation, Project Management:

  • Decentralized energy supply for homes, community centers, hospitals etc which are not connected to grid (public electricity e.g. UMEME)
  • Project connected to grid (UMEME) but needs back-up system to avoid any black out and interruption of the power supply (from 100W to 500kW systems, combined with grid, backup generators, wind energy etc)
  • Solar Water PumpingĀ  for home, commercial use, irrigation etc
  • Solar cooker for homes, communities, restaurants and canteens
  • Seminars for solar cooker construction and best practical use of solar cookers for cooking
  • Solar charging for home application and electric cars.
  • Solar heating system for drying fruits, vegetables and spices.
  • Domestic and community hot water systems
  • Drinking-water supply systems
  • Feasibility studies for alternative energy application in African Countries








Agriculture is like a long arm of any energy, agriculture is the landscaping of the country as it deals most directly with the environment. Most of the citizens forget that, and they let things go out of hand instead of controlling agriculture for environmental protection, not cutting down all the forest reserves, bringing patented varieties of seeds which farmers and the country can access in order to escape being slaves of companies and foreign dictates.

Farmers have to rethink their position and this very fast growing nation has to acknowledge the important status of farming for the future’s food security, child health and nutrition and climate change.

MinGemCo Trading is active with consultancy, seminars, project management and implementation of sustainable methods to care for and integrate the above stated tasks.