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[block style=”style2″ title=”Organic Bread” image=”2805″]Highly Nutritious and GMO-free organic bread, made in Uganda[/block][block style=”style2″ title=”Organic Yellow Maize” image=”2804″]MinGemCo has put a lot of commitment to produce the yellow maize, as it has more content and nutrition values. This yellow maize is grown at MinGemCo Organic Farm, processed without fumigation and other chemicals, cleaned by nitrogen chambers to neutralize all micro organism and insects. Milling is made by our presence and observation of cleaning the whole processing line before our maize get processed. Packing is made direct by the milling processing plant.[/block][block style=”style2″ title=”Organic flesh sweet potatoes” image=”2682″]MinGemCo has joined the production of organic yellow and orange sweet potatoes for to increase the nutrition value. Our sweet potatoes fields are still in multiplication. We will be in the markets by end 2017 with convenient volume to supply[/block][block style=”style2″ title=”Moringa” image=”2640″]Our Moringa is not yet ready for markets. Only samples are available.[/block][block style=”style2″ title=”Lemon Grass” image=”2641″]Our lemon grass is available in humble quantity. We sell the stem and leafs. Stem in pcs and leafs in bundles.[/block][block style=”style2″ title=”Chia Seeds” image=”2642″][/block][block style=”style2″ title=”Cinammon” image=”2643″][/block][block style=”style2″ title=”Ginger” image=”2644″]Still in reproduction, not in market until end 2017[/block][block style=”style2″ title=”Tumeric” image=”2645″]Our Ginger is still in reproduction. It will be available at the end of 2017[/block][block style=”style2″ title=”Matooke” image=”2646″]Our matooke plantation is coming up well and we have increased quantity available[/block][block style=”style2″ title=”Mangoes” image=”2579″]Only local varieties available, Tommy, Kent and others are coming in production end next year.[/block][block style=”style2″ title=”Avocadoes” image=”2647″]Not yet in production, end next year available with improved varieties e.g. haas and others[/block][block style=”style2″ title=”Coffee” image=”2649″]Small quantities of kiboko available, bigger volume end next year[/block][block style=”style2″ title=”Soursop” image=”2650″]trees still young, small quantities by next May 2017 available[/block][block style=”style2″ title=”Cocoa” image=”2651″]Just planted a first batch of seedlings…….still long way to the production 2018[/block][block style=”style2″ title=”Seeds” image=”2654″]We are still producing small quantities of fenugreek but ready to increase by interest for seeds and fresh leafs[/block][block style=”style2″ title=”Seeds for Soil Improvement” image=”2655″]Soil improvement by covering plants and green manuring is important. With soil improvement start organic, soil is the most important. Healthy fertile soil can carry the biggest part of the farm plants. MinGemCo is practicing soil improvement by covering/green manure plants and methods, sometimes combined with mulching. We always have seeds available for other organic practitioners like jack beans, sun hump, valved beans and new also push pull, heavily recommended by Kenyan Organic Agro research.[/block][block style=”style2″ title=”Local Pomegrade” image=”2787″][/block]

Available Produce

  1. The yellow maize is sold in sealed 5 kg bags fully labeled according organic guidelines.
  2. Lemon grass stem in pcs and leafs in bundles
  3. Matooke
  4. Cinnamon leafs fresh
  5. Seeds for soil improvement e.g. sun hump, jack beans, valved beans, small amount of push pull
  6. Local pomegranate

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