MinGemCo Trading was founded and registered 2001 as a


The company and its activities want to make make sure, that advanced sustainable methods in trade, environment adapted energy production and use, organic farming inclusive sustainable water/soil management can be practiced and developed to a higher “planet care” level.


MinGemCo to practice and promote

  • The use of solar and other form of environment adapted energies (bio-gas, wind energy and others).
  • Organic-, agro-forestry and bio dynamic farming methods
  • Produce and trade natural (free of harmful chemicals, GEM modified seeds grown on organically managed soil)  high nutrition foods, spices/herbs and health supplements.
  • Restoration and sustainable use of wetlands and water sources.
  • Education with schools, teaching on farm seminars, visits of other projects and demonstration plots.
  • Consultant services to reach local community.


  • Actual
    Increase the cash crop production  (e.g. yellow maize, beans, matooke) and set up the markets for the MinGemCo “ORGANIC FULL GRAIN YELLOW HIGH NUTRITION MAIZE” flour and the propagation of the more nutrition advanced “ORANGE AND YELLOW FLESH SWEET POTATOES”
  • Up to end 2017
    Mangoes, Avocados, Sweet orange and yellow flesh Potatoes, turmeric, ginger, coffee (colona robusta var) lemon grass, spices and herbs (rosemarie, mint, oregano, artemisia etc) will be ready for sales.
  • Future plans
    – Integrate professionally bee farming, processing of fruits and avocadoes,
    – Set up vocational farming school with school gardens for training and practice organic- agro-forestry farming methods
    – Study and implementing advance land sharing possibility to stabilize land demand and community task

Mingemco Trading Enterprise Aim:

  • To produce nutritious chemical-free foods.
  • To limit the companies effect on the environment
  • To improve the livelihood through proper management of house hold and gardens in respect to improve environment in a holistic way
  • To empower the next generation to care for our planet Earth as a place for all humans through education on social impacts.
  • To produce healthy foods that will increase health and life-span of the Ugandan population

Future plans

  • The company plans for to build a on farm vocational school for orgnic-, agro-forestry and biodynamic methods in combination with holistic education which allows participants to multiplicate this knowledge to other farms and social structures.