Mingemco Trading Agro Forestry

Agro Forestry

MinGemCo Trading is strongly connected to agro-forestry as an important contribution to overcome climate changes, water shortage and soil de-fertilization.

We see the trees as our best resources for so many uses:-

  • Their fallen and rotting leafs facilitate re-mineralisation to our crops with roots not deep enough to fetch more minerals on their own (the tree roots are much deeper and can access more minerals)
  • Trees protect surface evaporation with their shade and their root system works like a sponge to keep water longer in the soil longer.
  • They provide timber and fire wood. Some trees are medicinal and keep us healthy while others provide fruits, seeds, bark, construction materials, hedges and support for other plantation. Other tree species are highly useful for bee keeping, spices, resins, clue etc.
  • Trees provide services such as wind breaks, soil temperature moderation, biodiversity conservation, shade provision, carbon dioxide sequestration, watershed stabilization, soil erosion control and soil fertility improvement or maintenance.

There are different methods of work in the fields with trees depending on the crops the farm is growing. Some crops need even the trees to grow (e.g. black pepper), some plants don’t like full sunshine etc.

For every acre, we suggest you plant atleast 15 to 20 trees, either divided in the field or even as a hedge if the fields are mainly managed by tractors and harvesters.

Never forget to have a corner of the farm as a sanctuary for insects and animals. Though they could be partly damaging, most of them highly useful. Read from nature to learn what is best. Nature is the best teacher.

This explains why MinGemCo promotes AGRO-FORESTRY and sensitizes farmers on the importance of the practice.